Will this be your first Thanksgiving to pardon?

This season opens the heart, anticipating time with family and friends.  However, not all can or are willing to open their hearts for everyone.

Our great President, Abraham Lincoln, historically set the tradition of pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey.

In 1863 clemency was given to a live turkey that was brought home for the Christmas dinner.

This was reported  in 1865 by White House reporter, Noah Brooks.  A plea was called to spare the turkey’s life by Lincoln’s son Tad.  His son interceded in behalf of the turkey’s life.

Pardon – the action of forgiving or being forgiven for an error or offense.

Is it this time, this season to give pardon and forgive an offense from someone you consider a “turkey”.  Defined in the dictionary – The slang word for a person of little appeal; dud; loser. A naive, stupid, or inept person.  Ouch!

Is it this time to set this person free and set yourself free?  

The greatest three words ever spoken were from Jesus Christ as He died on the Cross, “It is Finished“.

He accomplished something we could not do for ourselves.  He reconciled a sinful world back to the heart of God.  His life of love and blood sacrifice interceded on our behalf for what the Father sent him to do for us.

Forgiveness is a great thing.  It releases and sets the captor “free”. The hard part of forgiving has already been done for us through Jesus Christ.

Will this season truly be a day to celebrate with Thanksgiving?

Will this season and Thanksgiving be the day to set your heart free?

Will this season and Thanksgiving be the day to set the captor’s heart free to fly?

Celebrate in freedom and give thanks!


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About bpfshg

I am a widow/single mom excited about finding new adventure, even if it stretches my abilities. Daily, I am challenged by the wisdom of the Bible, Oswald Chambers’ devotionals and the “still small voice” of the Lord as He meets with me every morning. I have enjoyed lots of fun things with my kids and friends... ice fishing, scuba diving, traveling, sleeping in the rain forest with little critters, camping (even below zero weather), hiking, biking (250 mi. ride, the Royal Gorge-lovely), walking a tight rope (25 ft.), built/slept in a quinzhee. Yes, scouting can stretch one beyond belief when you're a mom. I enjoy outdoor activities, cycling and just recently, standup paddle boarding (it doesn’t hurt when you fall). I love Colorado, great place to live! I am discovering how much I love “words”… His Words. They are written on my heart and constantly on my mind. With much prayer and a humble heart, may the words I write be pleasing to Him. And He said unto them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature. Mark 16:15
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1 Response to Will this be your first Thanksgiving to pardon?

  1. David Rupert says:

    I really resonated with this post, as not all of my family history is “pretty.” The idea of a pardon is full of grace and so freeing. My heart is better because of this. Thank you.


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